Consuming Passion

Nestled in the heart of Sussex by the sea, at Murray & Yeatman, we pride ourselves in the clarity and flavour of our spirits, our meticulous selection of raw ingredients and botanicals combined with the scrutiny of each process may take longer but somethings just can’t be rushed.

Uniting fermentation and distilling methods from the 1600’s with carefully selected botanicals that are prepared to our specific requirement is the difference that makes Murray & Yeatman gins incredibly smooth.

To give you a glimpse, the oranges we use are without wax, gently zested and all the pith is removed, leaving the plump ripe flesh. All the sweetness without the bitter. 

Rum of course is a different matter, it is all the quantity and type molasses, the strain of yeast, the temperature but mostly the voodoo in the Dunder Pit.

Understanding how much love and attention our Dunder Pit requires is almost unquantifiable we love our Dunder Pit so much we named her D.a.r.r.a.

Dunder Always Requires Regular Attention

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MY Team

Rob Murray and Jonathan Yeatman were introduced by a mutual friend some years ago whilst they both worked at separate distilleries. They soon learnt that they shared the same passion for the history and appreciation of fine spirits.

Rob’s family had been involved in the alcohol trade for several generations and it was during a visit to a family member’s home he made a discovery, or it may have been fate that led him to find a 17th century book on distilling. A treasure in itself to look at, but upon inspection Rob quickly realised the value of its contents.

Jonathan’s pharmaceutical experience proved priceless as they studied with great excitement the distilling methods described within and to their surprise they differed greatly from the modern ways of production.

To ensure the critical raw ingredients and botanicals were the finest selected, Rob and Jonathan enlisted Jamie Benton to the Murray & Yeatman team bringing a wealth of knowledge and experience from the hospitality industry. Together they refined their choice of botanicals and an amalgamation of methods.

Culminating in the proprietary recipe which led to the perfection of a long-term desire to create and produce the smoothest spirits.

To complete the mix Bob Mayston, whose immense experience in launching some of the world’s most successful products was the final ingredient to complete the team.

The classic spirits are now, Reborn!