Gin and… cucumber?

We’re all familiar with ice and a slice of lemon in our gin and tonics, but what else can you garnish your G&T with? Here are some of our favourites:

  • Cucumber – this gives a fresh taste to your gin and tonic.
  • Other citrus fruits – go crazy with orange, lime or grapefruit, as these, like lemon, taste great alongside the botanicals in gin.
  • Juniper berries – to really bring out the juniper flavour in your gin
  • Strawberries and peppercorns – fruity and spicy, a delicious flavour combination!
  • Lavender – if you like a floral edge to your drinks (it looks great too!)

So don’t panic if you haven’t got a lemon in the house, why not experiment and find a new garnish for your favourite tipple?