Murray & Yeatman Navy Strength 5cl Case of 12

Stronger by desire

What could be better than the smoothest gin in the world? We believe the answer is our rich full bodied 57% abv gin, this one is certainly for the enthusiast. Being entirely vapour infused, 6 times distilled using our specific methods which creates a complex drink experience that will linger on the pallet and live in the memory.

57% ABV / 114 Proof

Juniper fore, warming peppery middle with a caramel like finish.

Our Botanicals include:

Juniper, Angelica Root, Cardamon, Orris Root, Cubeb Peppers, Coriander, Almonds, Cassia Bark, Star Anise, Grains of Paradise, liquorice, Lemon, Saffron, Vanilla, Pink Peppercorns, Pink Grapefruit.  


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