Murray & Yeatman Coffee Rum 5cl

Inspired by the Punch Livorno, we wanted to make a Rum that reflected the cocktail but was still true to what a real rum should be. Made with real coffee this is a drink for both the coffee drinkers and rum lovers of the world.

All of our Rums are made entirely in Sussex, UK using old traditional methods. Ensuring that we produce some of the most authentic rums we have spent years cultivating our Dunder pit. If you are not aware a Dunder pit is where the magic happens, this is where some of the amazing flavours originate from. We love our Dunder pit so much we named her, her name is DARRA, which stands for Dunder Always Requires Regular Attention.  The methods that we use, dating back to 1651, provide a full flavoured but amazingly smooth taste.

40% ABV / 80 Proof


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