There are three different types of rum: light rum, dark rum, and spiced rum. Light rum is clear or pale in colour and has a milder flavour. Dark rum is aged longer and has a richer flavour. Spiced rum is made with spices and has a strong flavour. Here at Murray & Yeatman, we are incredibly proud of our Double Dark Rum. We back-add organic Blackstrap molasses twice through the distillation process to make our rum even richer, and full of the wonderful flavours that all rum drinkers love to enjoy.

To ensure that we produce some of the most authentic rums possible we have spent years cultivating our Dunder pit – the container we use to store the rich and flavourful liquids left after distilling a batch of rum, before adding them into the next batch! The methods that we use to create our rum date back to 1651 and provide a full-flavoured but amazingly smooth taste. Why not try our Double Dark rum today?