Besides the obvious colour difference, light rum usually has a milder flavour than dark rum. Dark rum is aged for longer, giving it stronger flavours and colours, whereas light rum is filtered and bottled right after distillation. Of course, the colour of rum can be changed with additional ingredients or special filtration, so these aren’t hard and fast rules!

Rum is a distilled liquor made from either molasses (what’s left after sugarcane has been crystallized) or from sugarcane juice if molasses is not available. For our Double Dark Rum, we’ve picked the best organic blackstrap molasses we can find. Then to enhance the flavour characteristics, we use our own dunder, which has taken years to cultivate from previous distilling batches. 

When it comes to selecting light rum or dark rum, it all comes down to the flavour profile you prefer! Some cocktail recipes call for lighter flavours, whereas others call for a more dramatic flavour it’s up to what you prefer, though we know that you’ll love our Coffee and Double Dark Rums; try them today!